From the links to tools that assist with creating to the links for the articles, all of these sites are helpful and relevant to my topic digital booktalks or book trailers. Based on the research I have done on this topic, I have learned that these 21st Century learning tools can prove to play a vital role for readers in several ways. The biggest impact researchers have found is that teachers can use this medium as an instructional strategy that has the ability to reach reluctant and struggling readers. This creates a positive impact on powerful teaching and learning. Research has found that digital booktalks can hook readers thereby offering an educational advantage that can broaden a child’s reading range and effectively engage youth who are involved in the book trailer production process. Problem-solving has also got to be positively impacted through the use of creating with digital tools. As a teacher and librarian, I have seen first-hand the excitement digital booktalks and book trailers can produce. My research into this topic has deepen my understanding of the impact it makes on students and awakens in me a drive to get students more involved in the viewing and creating of digital booktalks and trailers through the use of current tools that align to the ALA’s Standards for the 21st Century Learner. I am determined to make this a priority in my teaching. I also hope to inspire other teachers to follow my lead and support them in learning how to integrate these tools in their classroom.