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Book Trailers For All: The Go-To Place for Sharing, Viewing, and Downloading Trailers for Children’s and YA Books

"Book Trailers For All: The Go-To Place for Sharing, Viewing, and Downloading Trailers for Children’s and YA Books." Book Trailers For All. BTFA, 2011. Web. 6 Mar 2011. http://booktrailersforall.com/

Find great resources all at the click of a mouse! This beneficial website really is what it claims to be, the go-to place for sharing, viewing, and downloading trailers for children and young adult books. Created by a librarian, this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution which means the book trailers found here are free to show, download, and share as long as they are not modified, and credit is given to the book trailer creator. Trailers here created by teachers, students, librarians, publishers, and authors. A variety of useful documents can be found here such as PowerPoint templates for citations, storyboards students can use to help them create their trailers, and links to free music and image sources. Anyone creating book trailers will count themselves fortunate to access these abundant resources all from one central location.

Creating a Video Booktalk Kiosk

Cavanaugh, Terence W. "Creating a Video Booktalk Kiosk." Library Media Connection 25.2 (2006): 56-59. Academic Search Complete. EBSCO. Web. 6 Mar. 2011. http://moe.ic.highline.edu:2048/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&AuthType=ip&db=a9h&AN=22710049&site=ehost-live&scope=site

Looking for an ideal way to promote literacy in your library? Imagine a kiosk of computers that host looping presentations of book trailers. Advertising books through video booktalk kiosks can be accomplished by using a video player program, such as Windows Media Player. These short "commercials" are meant to inform and attract students toward particular books or to introduce a genre. If you want a successful strategy for motivating students to read, give video booktalks a try. This amazing article will set your imagination into planning mode.

A Podcast with a Reading Mission

Cole, Sonja. "A Podcast with a Reading Mission. " Book Links 1 Sep. 2007: Research Library, ProQuest. Web. 13 Mar. 2011. http://moe.ic.highline.edu:2048/login?url=http://moe.highline.edu:2055/pqdweb?did=1351032471&sid=2&Fmt=4&clientId=1894&RQT=309&VName=PQD
Let’s join Sonja Cole in inspiring kids to read! Online video is a medium that children recognize and respond to. On her website Bookwink, archived video booktalks were made in a variety of ways. Most were filmed in Ms. Cole’s apartment with a backdrop of her current favorite books that she calls the "book wall". Some were filmed in specific locations to match the setting in the booktalk. Her tools are a digital camera and tripod. She recommends spotlights to shine on the face in order to help control the shadows and a microphone to improve the sound quality. You will be moved to carry on the mission of developing a love of reading in children once you visit the awesome Bookwink website.

Video Book Trailers: Coming to a Library Near You!

Dopke-Wilson, MariRae . "Video Book Trailers: Coming to a Library Near You!." Educator's Spotlight Digest 3.2 (2009): n. pag. unknown. Web. 4 Mar 2011. http://www.sosspotlight.com/site_creator/view/359

Touted as an American movie tradition, ‘coming attractions’ shown before a movie hook people into wanting to see what comes next. Book trailers have been likened to these. Library Media Specialists Mary Gotham and Sharon Bush have created a project called Video Book Trailers that not only help them market their library’s book collection, but motivates students to read at the same time helping them to gain a deeper understanding of the books they choose. Some video shorts have been downloaded from Internet sources while others were constructed by creative students using video cameras and editing equipment. To add to the enthusiasm surrounding this project, the developers of this program have added a book trailer kiosk in their library. This ingenious idea is sure to entice students into picking up a book they saw in from in book trailer and read, read, read!

21st Century Booktalks!

Gruenthal, Heather. "21st Century Booktalks!." CSLA Journal 31.2 (2008): 23-24. Academic Search Complete. EBSCO. Web. 6 Mar. 2011. http://moe.ic.highline.edu:2048/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&AuthType=ip&db=a9h&AN=31846539&site=ehost-live&scope=site

Even the most reluctant of readers can be hooked into reading by digital booktalks. Published in the California School Library Association journal this excellent article discusses how traditional booktalks can be revolutionized through the use of 21st century learning tools such as blogs, and wikis. The ALA’s Standards for the 21st Century Learner aligns with best practices in teaching and learning and is a framework for the library program. Librarians can use the standards as a catalyst to bring teachers and students into the library more than ever, offering them access to a wealth of available resources. This incredible article gives you the understanding that creating or merely listening to digital booktalks does certainly address these standards.

Research on Digital Booktalk: Digital Media for Reluctant Readers

Gunter, Glenda, and Robert Kenny. "Research on Digital Booktalk: Digital Media for Reluctant Readers." Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education 8.1 (2008): n. pag. unknown. Web. 6 Mar 2011. http://www.citejournal.org/vol8/iss1/currentpractice/article1.cfm

The definition of literacy is broadening due to the paradigm shift today’s learners face. This shift is directly affecting how reading and writing skills are acquired. Digital media courses across America are combining with traditional literacy, and researchers are studying the effects of media on the way children learn things. This article was intended inform and guide teachers in using instructional strategies using digital media that can reach reluctant and struggling readers detailing the results of a study by Drs. Glenda Gunter and Robert Kenny which focused around the website Digital Book Talk. You’ll be inspired when you learn about the implications digital booktalks have for educators and students alike.

Book Trailers for Readers: Spotlighting Great Books for Kids and Teens

Harclerode, Michelle . "Book Trailers for Readers: Spotlighting Great Books for Kids and Teens." Book Trailers for Readers. Michelle Harclerode, 2011. Web. 6 Mar 2011. http://www.booktrailersforreaders.com/

Lights! Camera! Action! This is a wiki created by a teacher-librarian cites the research of digital booktalk gurus Dr. Glenda Gunter and Dr. Robert Kenny. Blogging, instructions for creating book trailers using the application PhotoStory 3, and of course links to book trailers are all a part of this remarkable wiki. Sunshine State Young Reader Award books and Battle of the Books nominees have inspired the book trailers featured under the New Releases section. Trailers are also categorized as Cult Classics, Most Popular, and the aptly named Popcorn Worthy. You’ll be motivated to have your students create book trailers of their own, but in the meantime just sit back… relax… and enjoy the show!

Exclusive Engagement Now Playing: The Genre of a Book Trailer

Hayes, Sandy. "Exclusive Engagement Now Playing: The Genre of a Book Trailer." Minnesota Council of Teachers of English (2009): n. pag. 119-128. Web. 13 Mar 2011. http://www.mcte.org/journal/mej09/Hayes.pdf
Genre… isn’t that a form of literature? Digital tools allow students to be immersed in a growing array of contemporary genres, digital trailers being one of them. In book trailers characters, characterizations, conflict, and plot are introduced through the use of action or dialogue clips, text, and voice-overs. They may also reference themes, awards earned, or draw in similarities to other books. A hook in the form of a question or a cliffhanger is used at the end to entice the audience to read the book. Challenge your students’ creative-spirit, engagement in learning, and social interaction by having them take part in the digital book trailer experience. This informative article will make you a believer.

Booktalks Quick and Simple

Keane, Nancy. "Booktalks Quick and Simple." Nancy Keane's Children's Literature Webpage. Nancy Keane, 2011. Web. 4 Mar 2011. http://nancykeane.com/booktalks/

Meet one of Library Journal’s top 50 Movers & Shakers of 2009. Library Media Specialist Nancy Keane was identified as someone who is “shaping the future of libraries". Located on her amazing website Booktalks -- Quick and Simple are links to Ms. Keane’s digital booktalks for grades K-12. Listeners can enjoy book talks new and old stories read by Ms. Keane in the form of podcasts. These podcasts can be subscribed to via RSS feed. Look for the helpful links Booktalker's new daily podcasts, List of podcasts, and Click for subscription info at the bottom of the page. Whether audio podcast or enhanced podcast are utilized, they are certainly relevant tools for 21st Century teaching and learning.

Digital Book Talk
Kenny, Dr. Robert, and Dr. Glenda Gunter. "Digital Book Talk." Book Trailers for K-12. Florida Gulf Coast University and Florida Gulf Coast University, 2011. Web. 4 Mar 2011. http://digitalbooktalk.com/
Digital booktalks hook reluctant readers, offer an educational advantage that can broaden children’s reading range, and effectively engage youth who are involved in the book trailer production process. Book trailers may be acted out, be flash videos, have animation, or simply be still photos set to music with text and/or voice used to convey a story. Based on the literary booktalk model, the creators of this interesting website further develop the model by creating interactive visuals of books children read. The digtal booktalks and book trailers on this website were created by children from across the United States in grades k-12 and by media production students at the University of Central Florida. Blogs and forums are a part of this website, as well as articles on the book trailer development process. On this valuable website, further information is available on Dr. Kenny's and Dr. Gunter's on-going research into the effectiveness of digital booktalk activities.