Kimberly Fitzthum
LIBR 160 - Computers in Libraries
Winter 2011


Welcome to my wiki based on the topic Digital Book Talks and Book Trailers. In it you will find references with MLA citations, a persistent link to each reference, and an annotation containing a brief summary of the reference. You will also find a summary page addressing my overall findings on this topic and a page that lists links to a variety of tools to assist in the creation of digital booktalks or book trailers. I tried to narrow my focus to elementary school age children, but the information presented here is good for grades K-12. My resources include blogs, wikis, tutorials, lesson plans, research articles, websites hosting digital booktalks and book trailers. Information geared toward adult digital booktalks and book trailers were not included. I did not delve into fair use or copyright issues either. This topic is of great interest to me as an educator. Because it had a positive impact of the area of reading for elementary school-age children. My goal was to select references that were highly relevant to this topic and of great value to teacher-librarians or anyone who is interested in creating digital booktalks or book trailers.